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Already posted up a couple of pics in my intro thread but thought I'd give a bit of background and expand on what's happening, plans etc...


Civic DX (D13)



15" Lorber deep dish rims black centre / polished lip
Front Ginger-cators
Ultralite black lug nuts

Suspension / Chassis

Toyo T1Rs (195/50/15)
Whiteline rear tower bar / lower tie bar
Whiteline rear 20mm adjustable anti roll bar
VTi front anti roll bar
Cusco front lower tie bar
Koni Yellow Sport suspension kit
Whiteline Caster kit - 1.5 degrees either side current
Skunk2 tuner front camber kit (waiting to be fitted)
D2 rear camber arms? (umming and ahhing if I can afford these atm)


MIJ Custom S/S exhaust


Pioneer HU
Seagate 120gb HD
Rainbow SLX65 components


Full VTi disc brake conversion - got most of the parts sat in my garage for this
B16A2 - April 2009
Aiming for an N/A build of around 160whp or so. Don't like the idea of FI especially on a B series but if I did go that route for whatever reason it would have to be supercharged...

Photobucket album
Motors forum blog [OCUK]

And piccies, ranging from when I got her to the latest. With footnotes :D

At first, probably 3 weeks after I got her

Not long after that she started getting the rust hole at the back fixed up

Same around the boot


Standard interior

Then I got some wheels for £70, not in the best nick but they set the car off nicely I think

Got some 6.5" components for the front at roughly the same time, sounds way better than stock, and 10x the output as well :D

The wheels in question

Rear tower bar, not a big difference on it's own but helps to stiffen the chassis up

Lower tie bar, paired with the above bar the back was much more rigid than stock, felt more planted at speed

Borked control arms. When bolts get old and rust in place get an angle grinder...

The exhaust was a side effect of wanting to mount the rear roll bar, the standard exhaust left no room for it to mount, so out it went and in came this custom cat-back.

The back end as it was once the roll bar was on. The Cusco front tie bar is peeking at the back of the picture as well

Sat on my drive after many miles driving so...

She got her first proper clean / polish from me, turned out very well although it shows that the paintwork is knackered in a lot of places

Mine and my mate Sam's cars

I felt artistic

These are what I've been after for some time. I ignored everyone shouting at me to buy coilovers where I would've spent well over £1000 and instead bought Koni adjustable sport shocks and lowering springs.

Front dampers on the car

Rear dampers on the car

The result

The mud flap is a lot closer to the ground than it looks here, there is quite a deep pothole on my drive to work which is quite difficult to miss which it tends to scrape on

Handling - brilliant.

Although I need to sort the camber out (MOAR) and get some tyres that handle the conditions better - Toyos aren't great in the rain if I'm honest, wash out far too early.

Haven't got any recent piccies, although might do this weekend when I take a mate to pick his new car up.

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heh yeah if I had the money I'd be up ASAP to take it off your hands hehe

I'm just looking at where I can get parts from and rough prices now, can get Hasport race mounts for quite 'cheap' imported from the states, also source a good intake to go in with the swap, possibly an AEM of some description as I'd prefer a CAI over a short ram. Chances of hydrolock unless you drive through a lake are very small...


Brake revamp started today!

Not gone quite according to plan if I'm honest but at least I've made a start...

Old discs off, retaining screws came out with some persuasion (a large hammer and an impact driver)

Shiny new front discs, the other front one is also on, as is one of the rear discs however...

Sheared bolt heads... fail. So I've got to pull the entire hub off and the ducting to grind the nut off and then try and punch the rest of the bolt through.

And an accidental snap of meself while holding the camera and rearranging the trailing arm lol

Hopefully get that LCA off tonight and then start dismantling the car tomorrow and swapping bits about.

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April all being well, should be some engines around by then.

Going to get Hasport race mounts at the same time to try and stop engine movement somewhat.

For now though, sheared bolt is out, however the arm (which I was trying to save) may not be salvageable as the bolt has rusted itself to the collar in the bush. May just save for some D2 or Skunk2 units instead, or try and get said bolt remains out. The bushes are pretty ruined already anyway but I didn't have the funds for a poly bush set and I don't want to outlay any more until I've got a new engine in the bay.

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Cars looking good, nice to see someone doing all the work themselves as well :)

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Got the front finished today (sort of)

No stainless lines up front though :( Bit of an issue with the old ones not wanting to come off, so gonna run the originals for now. When the rears are attacked tomorrow where I have to change the lines, may find a solution to getting the front ones off.


Not too much camber

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you cant say that either, mine is, lol
nah im only joking, you two will spend a lot on your dx's, but i think mine will have the clearest, loudest sound system :mrgreen:

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haha £200 for a full exhaust system.. well, thats gonna be a massive pile of shit!!
Pics, and sound clips.. cmon get them up!!
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