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Hi guys im looking to convert my honda civic sport 05 plate to xenons but im really unsure what bulb size i need. I know it may seem like a daft question but ill explain why.

The actual power supply to the lights( ie the connector thing that powers them) has 3 spaces in it to connect like a H4 bulb... however, this goes in to a 2 prong adaptor which then goes into a h1 bulb. The lights are projector lights and the bulb just fits through a tiny wee hole in the light. Im guessing that ill need h1's but i was just wondering as im not sure how a H1 bulb would connect to the power supply or how the adaptor would fit. Its clear that the connector is a h4 connection and then the 2 prong adaptor just adds to the confusion. I hope i have made this clear. Any ideas or anybody else with a honda civic sport had this problem?

ps sorry if this is in the wrong section i will move it if need be!
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