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And we're just starting! we had a successful start to testing on the ‪‎VitTuned‬ Honda Civic R18 running our custom VitTuned MoTec‬ ‪M150‬ firmware package. The fuel system couldn't keep up and I had to cut the testing short, but everything went very smooth otherwise -- made 410hp & 330tq on 22psi of boost using an old PTE 5757 turbocharger (with a 2.5" downpipe at that).

The MoTeC firmware package we've developed brings a lot to what has been an otherwise neglected platform -- anti lag, closed loop boost control, boost by gear, closed loop lambda control w/ an LSU 4.9 wideband sensor (accurate even for full time closed loop in boost!), launch control, traction control, flat foot shift, rolling antilag... the list of features just goes on! We'll be demoing some of the features after we get the fuel system upgraded to handle big power on this platform.

When an R18 sounds more savage than your K series.

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