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Hi everyone. I'll introduce myself as I'm new (2nd post) I've bought a 1990 civic 1.6 DOHC engine, gearbox and wiring... I am fitting it into a 1989 rover mini (crazy I know) I am now well on the way with my project (in fact about ready to fit the engine itself to the mini) I am looking at stripping the wiring harnesses down to just what I need.

Ignition wiring, Power, starting, charging, Fan (radiator one), fuel harness, fuel pump and sender unit. Also all the engine sensors etc.. I hope to migrate all the mini steering column wiring for Ignition etc.. to the honda wiring and also for things like the oil light, engine light and temperature gauge. I am using mini wiring for the rest.

I have the main fusebox, ECU and control unit. Currently all the wiring is still connected...

So back to the point of the post. Is anyone / Know of anyone they'd recommend as an Auto electritian (faily local if possible, i live in Derbyshire) that could simply strip down my wiring harnesses to just what I need and remove all the other wiring. I am not electrically minded and am struggling if I'm honest.. If o could you give me contact details etc... and rough pricing if anyone knows... I'm keen to get it done before Christmas if possible.. I know I could ring round some in yellow pages, but I thought I'd see if anyone on here would recommend anyone that are Honda specialised etc.. I have the wiring diagrams for it (1988 CRX as I was told this is the same engine (D16 A9 with L3 gearbox)), but they don't mean an awful lot to me if I'm honest..

Thanks for any help or contacts guys.

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