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Few embarassing ones here, but hey, I got there in the end. Passed my test in August 1997

F reg Fiat Panda 1000cc. Gift from my parents, sold it to a drug dealer for £500...he crashed it when high on heroin
Y reg Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6. Total shed, bought for £170. Dumped it in the woods after the engine caught fire
E reg Rover 213. Bought for £495, sold it for £400...the buyer rang me a few months later, failed MOT, car was bent lol
D reg Nissan Sunny 1.3. Bought for £395...was a cracking wee car. Very comfy, and faultless
M reg Rover 214. Bought for £2495...was slow as shite, 8v model. Still lowered it 40mm and added Sebring twin back box
P reg Honda Civic 1.5 vtec-e. 5 door MB model
R reg Honda Civic 1.5 vtec 2. Same shape, but white. I paid £3495 for it, was written off 15 months later, I got £3400 :) )
51 Citroen Saxo 1.4 Furio. Nippy wee car, but felt very fragile. Strange electrics
R reg Honda Prelude 2.2 VTi. Full leather, absolute joy to drive. Thirsty though, 200 miles per tank.
03 Fiat Punto 1.2 Active. Was going through an economical phase. Sold to mother
05 Fiat Punto 1.2 Active. Slow as shite
03 Honda Civic Sport. Ok car but too slow, and a Type R rip-off. Sheep in wolves clothes
51 Honda Civic Type R. Great car, so chuffed when I got it. Sold a year later for...
55 Honda Civic Type R. Best car i`ve ever had

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i passed in 2003

c-reg BM 316 free
d-reg BM 318 free
c-reg civic GTi 1.5 £50
G-reg CRX 1.6 £650
e-reg renault 5 rio free
f-reg renault 19 1.4 energy free

legal vehicles aquired with my licence
k-reg pug 205 GT 1.4 £150
l-reg rover 414 sli £50
j-reg civic lsi 1.5 £300
k-reg renault 19 1.8 16v £70
f-reg Nova merit 1.2 4speed £150
n-reg volvo 440 1.8 (lasted 5days before i seized the engine jumping it through a bush) free
n-reg fiat chinquechento 900cc £150
d-reg rover 214 (montego lookie likey) £5 plus £10 worth of fuel in the tank, total of £15 was cheaper then the train ticket home
k-reg civic 1.6 vti £75
h-reg CRX 1.6 £50
n-reg golf mk3 1.4 mach free

current car
my baby ek4 with the b18 conversion

thats about all i can remember, but i think there are a few more that will spring to mind soon

forgotton cars, added
g-reg BM 320 that we chavved up and raced to rome in H2R 2006
e-reg audi 100 that we dressed up as a tank, complete with water cannons, turret and fake tracks and raced to rome in S2N 2007

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passed jan 06
1st car: ford fiesta 2001 1.3 mk5 shape in colarado red. minimal spec and 60hp made it a light car. £3700
got car sep 2005 and before i'd even got my bday in oct i'd already done rear black lexus lights, sub, stereo and changed 4 speakers.
by feb i'd already found 15" focus wheels that had been powdercoated gunmetal colour. shod with toyo rubber and handled great. march we lowered it with zetec s shocks with eibach lowering springs (std dampers= -40mm and the springs added -20mm so was -60mm in total) it handled so good i never had the use of the brakes and threw it round all corners not having the power to lose grip. out handled every car i raced and on a big island i used to be able to get to about 75mph in the wet wherease my 2003 fiesta only got 55 in the dry! got 330 miles on a 38 litre ragging tank. dunno about at most it would do! i loved it. planned on putting an rs turbo engine in BUT....
june 06 while edging out of a dodgy blind junction i was hit in the front wing. got 3200 back but had spent over £500 doing it. still had the stereo, lights and sub back.

2nd car: 2003 fiesta 1.4 79hp. got it at 28k miles in jun 06 from my brother who had it from new (and was getting a mk5 zetec s at the same time i crashed) i sold it with 85k miles in feb 08. basically drove this like i drove my old car. avg front tyre miles: 8k brake pads were changed every 10k and in the last 25k miles i did i realised that fuel cost lots and had to slow down. did about 360 miles max for 40 litres and about 250 at least. i knew how it handled in every condition. got £3100 back.

3rd car: 1999 honda civic jordan. never buying a ford again!

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my first car:

H reg black mint vauxhall nova gte


L reg vauxhall corsa gsi (eventually flip painted cyan/blue)


T reg peugeot 106 gti in sundance yellow

and now the ctr on an 05 8-|

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not quite an extensive list compared to some lol

1st car was mk3 fiesta xr21
2nd car was mk3 fiesta rs turbo, awesome little car till it blew up
3rd and latest 03 nhb ctr

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1st car was a 1.0i nissan micra, W reg..
Bought for £2800 and sold for £2200 - AFTER a smash lol

That left me enough money to buy my Civic and Insure it..

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1989 G reg Citroen AX
1996 P reg Renault Megane 1.4
1996 N reg Peugeot 306 1.4
2001 Y reg Vauxhall Astra
2001 51 reg Honda Civic 1.6 se(ep shape)
2001 51 reg VW Bora 115 6 speed chipped to 150 bhp
2005 54 reg Honda Civic Type S(sold because i moved house and wanted some cash)
2003 03 Seat Toledo s TDI 110 (HANDLED LIKE POTATOES)
2000 VW Golf GTI 2.0 (so many faults i gave up and traded it in for..
1999 V reg Honda Civic 1.8 VTi( current car)

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Honda SH50 scooter (the beast!!)
Honda Civic EK3 1.5i LS VTEC y0! :D

had others but they were just farm raggers:

Fiat Panda like the one that Nickyboy had - it was police tuned and used to go like shit off a shovel (blew the engine)
Subaru pickup 1.6 4 WD and a close ratio gearbox option (hellish fun)
Various landrovers

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one car since i passed in july 05 ek3!!
edd im sure ur badge says ls not lsi???

my car ins group 10/11 wtf!! only just got under a £1k for ins

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A few Minis one was a 25th edition model was mint when sold (wish i still had it as it would be worth loads now).
Then i had a Nova then a Corsa then a Mercedes A Class, this is by far the worst car i ever owned look here for info" onclick=";return false; in the end traded this for the cosmic ctr no looking back

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mixed bunch for me, not in date order...

renault 9
peugeot 205 1.6gti
'88 peugeot 205 1.9gti
'97 peugeot 106gti
'99 peugeot 306gti
'74 VW panel van
'84 Astra
'99 Fiat Bravo
'98 Fiat Tipo

Suzuki RGV 125
Suzuki RGV 250
Honda VFR 400 NC30
Honda Fireblade
Yamaha XT660X
+ a couple of Yamy/Kwaker mx bikes

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my 1st car had no driver aids weighed nothing but had a crap engine. 2001
2nd the same, i ragged it and learnt how to control without abs as it had nothing 2003
my 1999 civic has abs. and more electric gizmos than the others! so in my experience older cars have more!

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i have/had
volvo 740 esate
vauxhall cavalier SRI 150hp
fiat punto mk1 1.2
2x ford escorts
ford oroin
nissan primera 2.0i DOHC
R100 VVC
merc E220 esate
honda civic saloon (EF)
honda civic coupe 1.6i (poss. VTEC??)

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I've had a Vauxhall Corsa 1.4, Vauxhall Cavaliar 2.0, Toyota Celica 2.0 GT, Ford Maverick 2.7 and now my Civic which I'm having the most fun with

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Passe test in Jan 91
B' reg red Nova SR (wrote off after 28 days)
B'reg maroon Rover 213 (montego shape honda engine)
C'reg Nova SR choc brown (rare as)
E'reg Cavalier LX silver (square old SRi style)
H'reg Fiesta blue (was wifes) Sold Chavelier as didnt need 2 cars
N'reg Rover 214sli green
S'reg Pug 306 DTurbo silver (brand new tax free from germany)
N'reg Mitsubishi FTO GPX silver (the best car ever)
H'reg Vaux Astra blue (second car to FTO as cheapo runaround)
S'reg Merc A class 160 silver(new baby forces crap car)
52'reg Renault Megane 1.6 silver (fat arsed car)
04'reg Honda ctdi silver (present car)
I like silver cars.
Now looking for old beetle or camper van for restoration.
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