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Title says it all ... also love my Volvo XC70 but new job means I have to drive within London LEZ and Volvo cannot.
Apart from no auto (nope, sorry given my mileage cannot contemplate the petrol auto/CVT), I think returning to a Civic would be great. Have test driven and think the Tourer is perfect for me but do like the LED headlights + Leather of the EX-PLUS spec. The ultra comfortable Volvo trim level has really spoilt me!
Do not like the uplift stealers are putting on these so would love to buy off fellow forum member privately before they beef up the dealer profits by trading in...
Cash waiting as just sold my other car... wanted ad may stand for months as can use Volvo but pinch wife's leccie car for a bit for my city trips whilst I wait for the right motor...
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