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Earlier this week, we showed you ABT’s tuned Scirocco and asked, in our usual pertinent, prescient manner – whether the much-rumoured official hot Scirroco would look anything like it.

The answer? No, it won’t. It’ll look like this, the Scirocco Studie R, an official design study unveiled by VW at the Bologna motor show.

Well, they call it a design study, but there’s nothing high concept here: the whole car could enter production at the click of senior management fingers.

There’s a cool new bodykit with massive front air intakes and a proper splitter, while round the back there’s a big wing above a diffuser and twin tailpipes. Less obvious are the stiffened suspension and the big brake callipers… oh, and a tuned-up version of VW’s two-litre turbo petrol engine, putting out a pretty serious 266bhp.

So long as the Scirocco can get all the power down on the road – it looks like staying front wheel drive rather than getting a Golf R32-style four-wheel drive system – we reckon it should hit 60mph in comfortably under six seconds. That’s rapid.

If you’re wondering what the green and red wing mirrors and general Italia-style theme is about, fear not: the Scirocco isn’t trying to pass itself off as a 500 that’s been overdosing on the donuts – instead, VW says it is paying homage to the Bologna motor show. Suck-ups.

With the all the stickers, guys, we’re not fooled by this ‘design study’ talk. Just build it. Now. Please. Thank you.

Source: Top Gear


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