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Hi again everyone!
Since buying my 1.6 civic,lsi I yearn to have a vtec under the hood but with me being a total novice to mechanics or cars in general for that matter I think it would be wise of me to consult some of you genius's for answers and general advice on what not to do.
First things first, I heard it's possible to convert a standard honda engine into a vtec if this is correct what will this entail (parts,cost,difficulty and will I end up with a poor excuse of a vtec at the end?)
Second of all would it be simpler to just drop a vtec in my civic if so same questions, cost,difficulty etc.also what should I look for in terms of a good vtec and easy swap.
Remember I'm a complete novice so if any of this sounds like gibberish go easy on me I'm here to learn!

Thanks in advance
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