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Me, my bro and his EM1, my mate who ows an MG ZR, (doing the 1.8 conversion to it soon) another mate with a 1.8 chevrolet and mate with octavia VRS all going to the ring.

Was wondering if any of you nice people would like to join us in this experience of a lifetime trip.

We are looking to do it Early march, either 1st weekend or second.

If the ferry is booked with this much time advance is £25 there and £25 back.

SO the ferry will be £50 return - i think a damn good price
then u got the laps - personal prefrecen.
fuel - depending on people right foot (and the usage of vtec) we worked it out from MK would be roughtly £40 fuel to dover (could be less, but were preparing for the worst)
then another £40 to the ring.
possibly bout £60- worth of tack fuel, that sould be enough.
the hotels there are £50 per night including breaky, the closest we think is 3.9km from the track.
then £40 drive back to ferry
then another £40 home (or where ever people like)

total of £330 without food or laps or insurance.

food and drink will be roughly extra £120 (should be more than plenty)
Laps cost - £15 per lap
4 laps cost - £50 = £12.14 per lap
8 laps cost - £93 = £11.62 per lap
15 laps cost- £163 = £10.86 per lap

personally ima go for 4 laps so that another £50

and then my insurance will rip me a new arsehole, so will leave that out for now.

so its roughly £500 all in for a wicked weekend. (this includes 2 nights stay at hotel)

Leave friday morning
arrive friday evening - look at track - check cars over - go for a couple
saturday - race day! - making sure everycar is ready -
saturday evening - after a supperb days of racing check cars over - go for drinks and go on about each others times.
sunday morning - head home
sunday evening - go pub and tell everyone how good you are.

Regards all Nuno.
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