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My names Jay, im new to the forum, so first of all hello.

I have a 98 R Reg Honda Civic 1.5 Vtec 3 Door (Hatch Back).
I'm just coming upto 60k mile and need to get my timing belt changed,
im just unsure where to start. I think im going to pay someone to do so, but i don't really no any garages i can trust.
How much should i pay for this in labour? I think im going to get the belt from Honda? Does anybody know how much a belt should be? (£30 - 50)?
Does anybody know of any Jap Car / Honda Speacialists in the Birmingham / Coventry area?

A quick thank you in advance for your time

Lol i got lots of little problems with my little silver bullet (i like to think she's faster than she is)
so i think im going to be a regular on these pages.
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