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As cars become ever smarter than the people driving them, doing the things humans should be doing for themselves — checking blind spots, watching for lane departures, anticipating collisions — it seemed only a matter of time before one of them started reading road signs.

Available early next year on GM's new European-market Opel/Vauxhall Insignia, the new Front Camera System scans the road ahead at 30 frames per second, processing the image both for lane departure and road-sign recognition.

Certainly the most innovative aspect of the system, the road-sign recognition processor identifies familiar shapes, symbols, and digits, and relays to the driver via a digital display within the instrument cluster information related to speed limits, no-passing zones, etc. Depending on environmental conditions, the system will read signs as far away as 100 meters.

Why it's easier to read a speed-limit sign on a tiny digital display between your speedometer and tachometer, rather than on a passing sign, we're not entirely sure. But if the system saves even one life by reminding a driver to slow the hell down or not to pass in a no-passing zone, then it seems like money well-spent.

Source: Wired


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