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Not sure how much more of this I can take.

Bought a 1995 Civic LSI recently. THe speedometer works for about 15 mins (though anywhere between 10 and 20) from cold, then at some point (this can be triggered by both normal driving and driving over bumps in the road) the needle drops to zero and stays there. The odometer also stops working. This problem has been driving me insane the past few weeks. It's as though its related to the engine temp, as once the car has been standing a few hours and the engine is cool, it miraculously works again from cold. If the car has only been sitting a short time (i.e. engine still warm), it won't work at all.

The car has been in and out of the garage 3 times. It has had the VSS speed sensor replaced, to no avail (probably nothing wrong with the original I'm now thinking). Taking it back, the connections were checked and apparently all fine. Still not working. Took it back again, where this time it had a gear replaced (something on top of the sensor apparently). Still no good.

I'm seriously giving up on this - will the fault ever be found? Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Could the fault lie with the speedometer itself? THe problem is each time taking it back, the car has not been road tested properly (i.e. for more than 20 mins at up to 60 mph or so). Not sure what else to do now.
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