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Hey guys

Long time reader first time registrar!

Lovin the pics of civics, lots of nice hatchs.

I have a N reg (1995 i think?) 1.6 Vtec 5 door coupe with only really an induction kit on at the moment, purrs upto 5k then roars!
The best part is the pure japanese interior on the seats, classic!

How do I know what type of civic mine is (such as ej9, ek6)? I see these thrown around so much and Ive been looking for the life of me around here but cant really find an answer.

I need to know before I can lower it really so I dont get the wrong springs!

Way to make myself out as a newbie idiot on my first post ay?

Im at work atm so no pics but I am looking on google for something that resembles it haha


Found one: ... _large.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Haha I wish

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