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A member on here namely josh897 asked if i could post up how i installed civic type r ep3 front seats into my em1.
Well, first of all i removed the old seats and looked at the floor plan and the seat rails and compared the two now the rear mounts lined up for me which was good as it meant less work than first antisipated. As most will know the rear left bolts in the back of a seat rail on the floor and the right side bolts directly to the floor.
The fronts go over the front of the seat mount in the floor. Here is the difference between the two seat rails the ep3 seats at the front hook over the back. This is not my picture but it gives you an idea

i took the front brackets off with the aid of a grinder turned them round lined them up and welded them back in place and bolted the seats in. obviously this description sounds easy but a lot of measuring and test fitting went into fitting them, but anyone compitent with a welder and grinder can do this alternativly go to a local engineering firm.
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