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With only 1.4 liters of engine of Elijah Mégane Coupé Ego II marks the midget. The power is 148 hp but at a sporting level. In the test, the whole package shows real size.

Although Elijah embellished Megane our test car holistically, the expenditure is kept within limits: spoiler lip and rear apron corners round threshold effect much and cost little. Even the roof wing calculate the Franks pointed: The serial part is not replaced, but nursed with two fins. All parts are made from GFK (Fairlady Z Coilovers). Additionally mounted Elia daytime running lights and 19-inch model.
Driving pleasure / drive
The little machine is more fun than expected. Although her ​​punch is limited: under 3500 rpm it acts behave. For the aggregate scores with schnurrigem running and genuine willingness organ. Thus, the Megane can move quite sporty - provided zealous work done. An additional control unit increases the power from 130 to 148 hp; the torque swells from 190 to 222 Newton meters. Moderate growth - Elia wants to make sure it comes to longevity number. Thanks to the mini-engine sports exhaust during boring sounds pithy, otherwise good.
9.3 seconds required for the tuned by Elia Frenchman to 100 km / h. A great value: A measured by us comparable production vehicle (five-door) required 10.3 seconds. Hardly worth mentioning: the increase from 205 to 207 km / h top speed.
Chassis / comfort
The 35 millimeter lowered sports springs by car is stable on the road and can be encouraging conduct swiftly through curves. Only the callous steering tarnishes the pleasure.
Price / cost
The austerity works: The tuning package does not cost 7000 euros - with assembly and painting. Since the thirst might safely be slightly higher (9.6 instead of 8.3 liters).

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