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Right the situation is my caentre console which surrounds the headunit has all stopped working. this includes the heaters/blowers, rear defroster and hazard lights. Looked in the fuse box and saw that the relevant fuse had blown so replaced with another 10A but this popped as soon as i put it in, so thought hey i'll try again....the same happened

So i tried a 20A to see if it would work (i know you're not supposed to but yeh...) and the same happened :'(

So i guess it's somewhere deeper than the fusebox... took it to a good local garage and he said we will have a look but can't guarantee anything and i don't have much cash so he recomended me tear the car apart and sent me away....

After driving a carful of steamy people through a badass storm last night with a steamed up windscreen across cliffedges i now realise I NEED MY HEATER BACK! :'(

Any ideas i will try and all help greatly appreciated guys :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts