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There’s something new at the top of TG’s Big Christmas Wishlist. It’s this, the Formula RZ from Racer X Design and, if we’re being honest, it’s quite a hopeful wish.

That’s because – as you might have guessed – it doesn’t really exist: the RZ is but a handful of pretty renderings and an ethereal promise to deliver (yes, you’ll have heard this one before), ‘an F1 car for the road’.

Looks awesome though, doesn’t it? A open-cockpit lightweight in the vein of the KTM X-Bow or Ariel Atom – and looking quite a lot like both – the RZ is even shorter on technical details than, erm, the Big Three’s original ‘give us some cash’ plea to the US government.

We’re told it could have adjustable wings to allow drivers to add downforce on the fly, but as far as powerplants or, er, any other details go, it’s all up in the air. So let’s speculate: how about the two-litre VTEC out of the Honda S2000? Or what about a twin-turbo BMW V6?

Whatever you go for, Racer X Design, just build it quickly. Christmas won’t be the same without it…

Source: Top Gear


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