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Common Introduction Questions:
- Can we see some photos of your car if you have one? ------ Will post in a reply here when i get home
- What modifications have you made? -------------------------- Bought the car last week, 1.4i Illusion 3dr Hatch, 15' Alloys, Full Stainless Exhaust & Lexus Rear lights. Just re-painted the background to the lexus lights black (will post pics)
- What future plans do you have? ------------------------------- Angel Eyes, maybe a carbon bonnet...this is the only problem with Civics, there's always "Just one more mod"!-
Where are you located?-----------------------------------------Chesterfield
How did you find the forum?-----------------------------------Good old Google, wanted to find a fountain of knowledge to tapp into, so brace yourselfs for pleanty of questions (& appauling spelling!)

Thought i'd say Hi. Have also got a 1988 Pug 205xs i'm doin up. The plan was to use the Civic for day to day stuff & focus my attention on the Pug, but i've got side tracked & think i'm gonna end up sortin both of them! (the missus isn't gonne be happy!)

Will post pics tonight.
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