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When is a speed bump not a speed bump? When it's a faux traffic calming device merely painted on the road. Philadelphia is trotting out "Drive CarePhilly," a program that simultaneously gets a raspberry for its name and its execution. The aim of the effort is to slow down speeding drivers, and one technique involves a tromp l'oeil ruse to make drivers go "What the heck is that?" and slow down. Philadelphia's traffic manager Charles Denny apparently thinks the plastic material laid down at some intersections looks like a hump in the roadway; whatever you say, chief. While not convincing as a speed bump, the appliques definitely catch attention, and might work briefly until drivers on their regular route get wise. Our low opinion of this boondoggle is shared by sharp-witted Fark commenters, who offer alternate scenarios on this program's success. It's good that they're trying something, though, even if we've added heat instead of light to the discussion.

Source: Autoblog


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