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I could do with some advice on a little issue we have with our 1.6 i-DTEC Civic 2016 model. Car has 46k miles.

A couple of weeks ago we had an engine management light come on. A quick scan showed it as O2 Sensor, Bank 1. Changed the sensor, cleared the code and all is good.

The day after, the PGM-FI light pops up. There are no stored codes, no EML and the car is running perfectly. Fuel economy is fine, start-stop working and cruise control all good. I replaced the fuel filter (Blueprint), just in case it was that and still the light is on. I have tried a couple of scanners now and neither show a stored code.

The only weird thing is that when the light first came on the fans would run at full tilt as soon as the ignition was on. This happened whether the car was running, not running, warm or cold and the fans would run after the ignition was off for around 5 mins. This has stopped now but the fans run just for a second when the ignition is switched on and sometimes for a couple of minutes after a run, the fans run at a lower speed though.

Any ideas?

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