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You can paint interior parts in a few ways.
To keep the elephant hide affect on your chosen piece, simply give it a good vigorous clean with some de-greaser.
If you wish to have the piece sanded flat, then sand it down with some good 500 grit wet/dry paper.

Which ever way you chose, the paint needs something to stick to. Here you need to scuff up the piece a little with some 1500 grit wet/dry paper. (To keep your Elephant hide affect, don't over do this)

The next step is primer. Spray light, even coats over the whole piece and leave each to dry thoroughly. I recommend 3-4 coats.
Between each coat, give any raised or rough areas, another light going over with the 1500 grit wet/dry paper (be careful here not to pick up your 500 grit accidentally. Found that one out the hard way!!)

When you are happy that your primered piece is perfectly smooth, you can start applying coats of your chosen colour.

Apply the colour in the same way, sanding with 1500 grit wet/dry paper between coats, until the final coat which you can leave smooth. (usually do about 3-4 coats of colour.)

Finally apply 4-5 coats of 'Clear-coat' to provide a sealed layer over the colour. This not only makes the piece shine nicely, but also helps prevent the paint chipping!

When the clear-coat is dry, buff the piece up with a rag and abit of car body polish to get it gleaming and there you have it.. a nice new look for an otherwise boring piece of civic interior.

Here are some things ive painted using this technique..
Center Vent..

LED Cup Holder

Clock flap and hazard light..

Gauge Bezel and small vent..

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^yes he would plastic primer, then normal primer, then colour, then laquer.

if you dont use normal primer then you need to use more colour, so in that way i suppose the primer isnt needed but i always use it.

Also i never sand between coats of colour, why would you need too?
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