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I have a 1998 civic 1.8vti, b18c4 lump.

The problem is i`m burning about a litre of oil every 3 weeks. Ive checked for leaks, can`t find anything obvious.
I belive it is burning the oil as the exhaust is quite blue smokey.
So ive done a comression test and all 4 are reading about the same around 15bar. Also tried a home made leak down test to see if could find anything obviously wrong, but nothing showed up.
I`m sure its not the head gasket, as no oil in water or water in oil.

I spoke to a honda speciallist to find out the price of the piston rings, he said hes never sold any because they dont break!

some oil around the sump gasket, but nothing dripping onto driveway.

Has anyone had any experience with worn ring or leaking valves etc? any advice would be much appreciated.
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