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Geneva wouldn't be Geneva without some sort of segment-busting super concept. And here it is: the Nissan Qazana. We were teased by Nissan about this one a while back, but now it's stopped the tickling and shown us the goods.

And it could just be the car to save Britain. Well, the car to save Nissan's Sunderland factory, anyway. There's really no underestimating the importance of the Qazana for the guys at the north east plant - if it does well, it'll be a job-saver.

Bit odd though, isn't it? It's a jacked-up five-door hatch, designed to slot somewhere between the ‘B' and ‘C' segment, so that's in between a Mini and a Qashqai (it could steal sales from both).

It takes the principle of an everyday runabout hatch and makes it much more interesting, simply by looking cool and funky and like nothing else you've ever really seen on the road.

Nissan suggest that up to 75 per cent of what we see here will make it into production. We'd like to think those suicide doors will survive the process, but conventional hinges are probably more likely.

Production will start early next year, so expect to see it on the road sometime in summer 2010.

Source: Top Gear


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