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So to the final 2 races of season which were held at Brands Hatch.

As most know the engine let go at Snetterton 3 weeks ago along with the clutch, brakes and tyres, so most would of called it a day, but me being me and knowing how good Richy is under pressure, we decided to build a new motor ready for Brands.

With the final engine parts arriving last Saturday (and several other parts only a few days ago) the new engine was finished, run in and mapped by Thursday afternoon leaving us a few hours before testing......nothing like cutting it close (a full rebuild thread will be up soon for all interested)

So, another early strart Friday and we were on our way for a relaxing days testing........until we hit the M25 and lost 2 hours!!! We arrived into the paddock 20 mins before our first testing session so it was a frantic dash to unload the car, swap the wheels and get out there and learn the track........or how not to attack Paddock hill bend. Yep, 4 laps in and I burried the car 40ft into the gravel trap backwards. We had to retire from that session as it took over an hour to clean the car and remove all the gravel which had found its way into every crack it could find, inlcuding being trapped between the wheels and tyres so they had to deflated and cleaned also.
Session 2 was much better and I mamaged a full 20 mins without any dramas and really enjoyed the circuit, even if Paddock and Clear way still had my heart racing on every lap.
So I had found my feet in the dry, but with rain forcast, was it going to be a false hope?
As always the evening was full of frendly banter, beer and chicken and chips in the Nicholls motor mansion followed by a warm double bed.......on my own!

Race day and qualifying...............................

Qualifying was soaking and we opted for Eagle F1's which worked a treat and gave me loads of confidence in the car. Each lap felt really good and although traffic was sometimes a nightmare, it went really well and felt I couldnt of done much better without taking big risks.
Managed to Qualify 9th, with Jamesn in 10th (a nats whiskers between us again) and Dixon managing an impressive 5th.

Race 1.........................................

Another wet race saw me lose grip off the start line beofre noticing the Impreza of Harvey getting closer and closer. I swerved to avoid contact meaning I lost 9th to James straight away before we came under the course car while Harvey restarted the scoob. When the race continued I sat behind James in a cloud of spray and just hoped I could keep it on the track and hope for a mistake from the cheeky northerner. What looked like a brave move on the outside form me was actually a huge lock up going up to Druids which meant I took a very wide line and actually gained some time, but james quickly slammed the door shut and I had to shut off to avoid contact. The same thing then happened around Clear ways where we were nearly side by side but James once again forced me to go wide and with 2 wheels on the grass, it wasnt going to happen (He wont be getting an Xmas car this year dont worry). From then on back markers played a huge part and it just wasnt possible to get past them the same time James did so ended up playing cat and mouse. I managed to finish 4th overall and 2nd in class with James having a blinding result. Dixon unfortunately had engine troubles, Paul G had tyre issues which meant survivial was the key and Rodger in the CRX had a cracking race as always.

Race 2..........................................

Our finishing positions were our start positions so 4th on the grid was a great feeling. It had dried out so had swapped back to the R888's but it was still greasy and didnt feel as confident as in race 1. The first 3 laps saw James pull a few car spaces away so it was clear I had my work cut out, but on lap 4 it wouldnt go into 4th gear and no amount of forcing would get it in there. Being a 3rd and 4th gear circuit this was a huge problem which meant my lap times plummeted. I soldiered on with my impressive 3rd to 5th short shifts which sounded pretty cack but I wasnt going to give up. I was currently still in 5th on the last lap when I could see one of the Xspec Scoobs closing me down. We both came down the finish straight to cross the line with me 3ft in front and retaining 5th overall and 2nd in class which was damn lucky to say the least.

To make the weekend more impressive, I snapped my gear stick again Thursday so did my qualifying and both races with a 13mm socket gaffer taped over the remaining part of the short shifter........quality! :lol:

To save starting a seperat thread, I want to take this opportinity to thank Richy" onclick=";return false; for his continuing support and dedication throughout the 2008 season. None of this years racing would of happened without his help, from collecting me and the car before the race, to building a new engine in no time at all and mostly in his own time, not to mention sorting the geometry, brakes etc etc and being on the end of the phone at anytime of the night and day. I even have half of his prelude parts fitted on my car which has meant no progress on his own car could be thats dedication for you :cool: Cheers mate!

Also thanks to everyone else who has supported and helped out throught this season, there are quite a few and each and everyone of you is appreciated, although you want be getting any gifts or cash rewards so dont ask :lol:

So there you have it, the Nippon 2008 season is over but plans for 2009 are already taking shape and 2 improved Hondas will be on show after Xmas ready for a testing ground near you :twisted:

Cheers for reading :wink:

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