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Well, firstly, hello! I'm Sean, 23 years old, and from the good old North East of England!

Just thought I'd drop by since I just bought a 1994 Honda Civic 1.3 recently. Went for this model as it was a really cheap deal, cheap tax and VERY cheap insurance. Ideal for me since money is very tight at the minute!

Currently sitting on a set of 17inch wheels, Dezent ones I think, with a big back box of some sort and rubbish M3 mirrors.

When I got rid of my old Escort, I had enough cash to order some parts so I'm just waiting for a nice box to arrive from the states and one from Poland of all places!

Currently have winging their way to me are;

Spoon Carbon Spoiler,
Spoon Wing Mirrors,
D2 Coilovers,
Front and rear upper and lower strut braces,
Yellow headlights with amber corners,
Mugen style front splitter,
New front bumper with fogs.

Going for the JDM kind of look. Yes I know it's been done, however I am gonna change a few things around and hopefully make it a style of my own!

Will upload some pictures when my computer decideds to work properly!

Oh, and I have just ordered a light weight JDM tailgate... yes it's carbon but I am thinking of painting it white, and I am thinking of ordering a set of Rota GT3 wheels in red and downgrading to 15inch wheels?

Please be kind to me, I'm a softie!
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