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Hi All,

Just like to say hello and introduce myself to the forum. I currently drive a 2001 225 TT Coupe, and have always driven VAG cars but now fancy a change. I've been looking at buying an 07 2.2 TDCI Type S GT. I took one out for test drive and absolutely loved it. But before I go ahead with the purchase, I just wandered if anyone could answer a few questions?

1.) What is the build quality like on Civics? Do they develop rattles and squeaks easily or are they normally pretty solid?

2.) Do civics hold their value quite well?

3.) And finally - In regards to Modification/tuning, what should I look at doing? I quite fancy a remap as I hear they can go from 140 bhp to near 180. Also, I do prefer the Type R front, to the Type S and was wandering if this would fit on a Type S: ... otohosting" onclick=";return false;

Does anyone know where I could buy a Type R spoiler from?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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