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Hi Guys!

I'm from Toronto and I own a 2018 Civic Si Sedan, some of you may have seen my car on Facebook groups but here it is, car is full bolt on with products and fitted with the FK7 Mugen front and Side skirts with a custom rear spat for the rear bumper.

More information on my build can be found here, very detailed:

My instagram if you wish to follow is: THUSEEFC

Feel free to ask me any questions!

So the real reason I am here is because I am in search of some Uk/Euro wiring diagrams for the 10th gen civic. I installed Euro spec rear fog lights on my sedan as our cars don't come standard, wired it up with an oem Euro signal stalk so it has the REAR switch. What I want to do is have the indicator on the Gauge cluster light up when i turn on the switch. Right now I have an external led that turns on when the rear fog is on.

If someone can put me in touch with a Honda/Acura tech that would be much appreciated!!!!


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