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Greetings everyone. A new member here, and as of today the proud owner of a 2001 Honda Civic 1.6 “executive”.

Just picked it up earlier in amazing condition with 80K on the clock. I plan to give it a service this weekend. I have the oil, filter, sump plug, air filter and spark plugs. I am relatively handy with a set of spanners and I’ve always serviced my own cars, so I’m undaunted at the moment, but If there are any other service items I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll do them when I service the car this weekend

I also have a couple of small niggles to sort out, being that the drivers door lock doesn’t work on the key (central locking and remote work fine). I will probably get this looked at by an auto locksmith at some point, and in the mean time I’ve bought 2 used fobs off eBay in the hope I can get one to work in case I need a spare. I have looked at the re programming instructions so fingers crossed for that one. The last MOT mentions that the “anti roll bar ball joints” have a small amount of play in them. I presume this is actually referring to the drop links and so I’ll change those as well.

Other than that looks to be a great little car. Looking forward to getting involved in the discussions.

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