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just thot i would put up a post now as im bored :L

in a few weeks im buying my mates red 1.3 eg civic off him for £100 its motd and taxed

i have bits off my old black esi (scrapped now ) ie black rota slipstreams , carbon fiber bonnet that ill put on to make it look resonable .

the paintwork is fading a bit so does any1 know how much cost of a respray would be red and a nighthawk black roof and boot? i stay in aberdeen

just getting some info so i can get itlooking godd soon as i get it lol

dont have any pics just yet but i have 1 of wat id want it to look like

hense i have the same bonnet and alloys off my old esi

and heres a pics of my esi next to my mates before it got scrapped


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