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Civic 2001, automatic transmission, 180.000 km on dial, made in Britain. Purchased as new in 2001.
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I am new here so excuse me if I have cut some corners when posting this right out now.
As our second car, we have a 7th gen Civic, which we bought as new back in 2001. It was one of the very first ones produced in Britain.

After 21 years of flawless operation, we are now in trouble. Thieves paid a visit and cut out the catalytic converter. Honda service here has informed us that they cannot find original cats anymore. My question is: Can I find a reliable OEM product to substitute for the stolen cat? Or even better could there be in the UK a source where to find the original one?

Insurance will cover the loss, but their interest may differ from ours.

Regards from Finland,

Yes, that exhaust pipe is 21 years old! (The scope of the damage is yet to be assessed.)

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