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I currently drive a Honda Civic VTi-S 1 of 200 made.

The spec:

Lightened flywheel
b16a2 gearbox
b18c4 block with Spoon high compression pistons and Conrods, new shell bearings, b16 oil sump and oil cooler.
B18c6 (ITR) complete Cylinder head with cams etc
OEM Honda head gasket
AEM V2 induction kit with big K&N filter
B16B intake manifold and throttle body
Genuine Mugen 4-1 heat wrapped exhaust manifold
Omni Power 2.5" decat
Genuine Mugen twin loop cat back
Dastek unichip mapped at Millway where the car made 192hp and 140 ft/lbs torque (which I am told is very good for that dyno)
Mugen rad cap and socks

Tein Superstreet coilovers with pillow ball upper mounts
Genuine 15" Volks TE37s in gold with nearly new Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres
Tein upper strut brace

Honda Jazz washer jets (much better than Civic ones)
SiR parking pole
FULL FACTORY LEATHER INTERIOR - very rare option, consisting of unmarked black leather seats front and rear and leather door cards
Full VTI-S kit

Hope you like :)

Will put some new photos up this weekend :)

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Looks sick!! :)
Loving the all black on this!!
Get us a shot of the interior. would be interested to see this.

Only thing that i dont like is the lower boot spoiler.. but i hate those in general lol, nothing personal.

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crxhugh said:
loving the car mate, sounds impresive, i've done the same thing, have a B18 in my little ek4, you should come to the track in a couple of weeks and i'll wallow in your wake lol
and i will be a small speck in your rear views :(

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talking of tow ropes we had our mountain boards attached to the back of my mates picasso and we span the car on the pull we were giving it round the corners!!!

i believe i like that more than i like my jordan for some reason!!
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