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Hey guys

This is my baby

x plate 1.8 vti. Bought her just over 5 months ago with 43k and full honda history for 2500 quid :)

now on 55k (I use it as my work car - I'm an IT Systems Engineer) and not skipped a beat. Its the perfect car for me. Work pay for my fuel so has to be reasonably economical or i get a bollocking :lol: , I have 2 kids so has to be family friendly and able to be a load lugger when needed. The bonus is it does all that, looks good and when you fancy a play its got an LSD and can play sideways silly buggers all day long as well as being quick in a straight line :lol:

Anyway heres the list of mods so far
Type R style gearnob (5MT)
17" SSR Varden Sport Weiter Wheels (Forged and Super Light - JDM too)
AEM Short Ram Induction Kit
Cat Back Exhaust System
Alpine CVA-1003r headunit (7" widescreen)
11" flip down monitor for the back (and yes the sunroof still works as it always has :D )
Snooper S5R (keeping me safe on the M60Ring)
Parrot CK3100 hands free with screen mounted in the front ashtray
Spoiler from an MG ZS Hatch.
Hi/Lo HID conversion

Sat in the house waiting to go in (when i get some time !)
40mm eibach lowering springs
Universal 6 DVD multichanger (plays MP3 DVD's so 35 hours of music on one dvd !!!)
New speakers for front and rear
12" JL Sub
2 amps to run everything (nowt special)
1 set of rear mud flaps

Anyway here are some pics i took today at work.

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