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Hello Ladies and Gents

I usually hawk about on the dc2 and s2000 forums so maybe you havnt seen this car or heard about it but i thought id share my experiences with you.

Oh Here it goes:

Project Car: 1995 Civic EG5 (150k)
Doner Car: 2000 Honda Integra Type R (72k)

Note Dc2's after 98 came with revised suspension brakes and few other changes like arb thickness and different gear ratios, dc2's after 00 came with better synchronised hubs and better balanced parts small changes like these show the quality of work that Honda put into the dc2.

Modifications include:

Type R 72K Mile B18C6 engine and mounts
Type R S80 Gearbox with LSD inc linkage and Titanium gearshift
Type R 5 Stud Hub conversion
Type R Full 15" disc brake conversion inc custom piping and ABS removed
Type R Master Cylinder, brake booster and proportioning valve
Type R Full front Subframe with Power steering system including 2000 spec rack
Type R Fullsize Aluminium Radiator
Type R entire suspension system including lower control arms
Type R 23mm rear and 24mm front anti roll bar's and upper tower strut bar
Type R Red 2000 spec Recaro Seats

Further Modifications:

Goodridge braided lines all four corners
AEM Hybrid Cold air intake system (From USA)
6 point adjustable chassis reinforcement system (From USA)
A Spec Racing underbody chassis reinforcement system (From USA) (Rear ARB and this not installed for set up reasons)
MOMO Steering wheel and Boss
P28 ECU socketed and custom mapped with Crome by Phearable (From USA)
Jasma Stainless steel exhaust system with de-cat
Clifford concept G5 with blue LED and anti-hijack and two sets of fobs and keys
17" White OZ Superleggera alloys
Euro rear LED lights and clear side repeaters
Rear Interior stripped out
VTi front lip and mudguards
Brand new sheet metal arches (From USA) (To be fitted with bodywork)
Custom Genuine Carbon sunroof plug (From USA) (to be fitted with bodywork)

I wanted to do the whole dashboard swap and even looked into the integra front end swap and rear bumper but felt it not worth the time or money. I absolutely hated the uk spec type r steering wheel with airbag, they come on atr's and in the civic just felt too big and fat so i got a racing momo.

Anyway like an idiot i decided to sell it off, not really knowing what i had in my hands, maybe i just fell out of favour with the whole project thing but i now have a s2000 so it aint all bad! But still i miss this little rat rocket

Only issues i had with it were an intermittent code 22 which would usually cut out vtec after 3rd gear i later found out was due to the UKDM engine with the P28 ecu but this was just a case of a wire in the right place, but still it beat everything with just the first 3 gears!

How fast was it? Well after a 'test' against a tuned up b20 hybrid ek8 which is affiliated with a garage from leicester self styled to be tuners of one of the fastest uk n/a cars and a mb8 1.8 with exhaust suspension mods, despite ecu fault it savaged them both! The response is fantastic the mixture of light weight, aggressive mapping and decent mods makes it get off like a rat up a drainpipe. Its not only quick on the straights but the handling is incredible some even said its better then the dc2 and i would agree i love dc2 but this is like a go kart, its very stiff and you can just chuck it around and it just goes where you point it, the braking power is very strong, im talking you can lock it up at high speeds if you brake hard! Its not just the performance but the whole feel thats been changed esp the steering and handling.

Trust me guys you need to do this conversion to your civics! You wont beleive what a machine it can become, ok maybe im just over hyping a little but its true the feeling of power in a lightweight old chassis is as good as it gets, the guy who bought it bought this over a dc2 he tested out, he was blown away and gave me more money then the agreed price and this has never happened to me before despite selling some decent motors.

The dc2 is still the best all rounder but if your after pure rawness, get or shall i say BUILD one of these!

here is a link to the pics on my facebollox account, ill be posting up more pics of some top rides as soon as i find time, so if your on there hook me up! ... =872995005" onclick=";return false;

Comments welcome

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to be honest i saw a crash test of the civic eg chassis crumbling at just 30mph on youtube which kind of put things into perspective, but mainly to do with getting a s2000, also it needed cosmetic work and by this time i was a little fed up of car going into and out of garages, mistake i know but i made sure i sold it to a guy who will respect it and i have included a first refusal with the deal if he ever was to sell it. Top bloke, hes in touch with me now and then

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ill take some fresh pics of the s2000 soon but here are some upgrades iv bought for it ... =872995005" onclick=";return false;

Thanks for the comments civic is one bad ass car, you can do almost anything to it!

S2000 is expensive! Even a bloody intake is like £500 quid for a decent Mugen, or J's racing, a quality manifold will set you back an easy £700+ and you cant really cross the parts over from other Honda's

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