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This is my first Civic and bought it for £1000 1 Owner, Fully serviced - 6000 miles intervals and 131000Miles on clock. Full Sat Nav, Heated leather seats, Panoramic Roof, Dual Climate control, Cruise Control. Standard 17s Alloys. OEM HID Lights with Light Washers.

I have bought it as reliable runabout as I like to buy financed whips, but with the way cars are at the moment, I don't know what to do. Modern cars are now to be built to be gap-fillers, whilst Manufacturers moved to electrification/hybrids.

I'm a car guy and very surprised at how well it handles in corners and how composed at speed it is. The interior is really smart. The last owner just put on new tyres, news pads and discs and front shocks have been replaced.
I think I've been lucky, considering I only paid £1000, but anyway, any tips on the following would be welcome please! :D

So, the issues:
  • Air-con, the compressor has gone, maybe a £500 jobbie, which includes a regas from a local firm. Is the Air con worth £500? Can I live without?
  • Secondly, is the auto-folding Mirrors. These don't fold when you press the button, nor when the car is locked. What are the common faults? Is it just a failed motor replacement? How easy to fix?
  • Headlights - very badly fogged up. I have attempted to use a restoration kit, but nothing works. Is there a Protection Plastic cover that protects the headlights?
  • The big issue is Paint Work. You can tell it aged Its dull in places and got quite a few scratches. How can I bring it some life? Do you reckon a detailing? Or what Scratch removers do you suggest?
That's it. Considering its 14year old car. These are the only issues. (I hope). The last owner obviously, spent money on it and looked after it. Just a shame he didn't look after the Paint work.

Any tips would be great.

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