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bought this last week, a 1999 D16 Coupe.

I got it with no tax or Mot left on it and a different coloured front end lol. It had been sat in my mates garage for nearly 10 months after an engine problem (cooked head, so we replaced the engine)

Engines all fine and running now.

Put it straight in for Mot the day after I got the car, failed on a few small bits which was nice in total cost me £80 including the £40 for the Mot itself! lol!

Looks pretty much the same as in these pictures atm but I've got the front alloy back on with a new tyre.

Ordered the paint already and I've made a start on a few bits of the body work, It will be resprayed in black within the next couple of weeks.

Click to enlarge photos...

Not done a massive amonut as of yet but working 50 hour weeks and not long having the car kinda isnt going as quickly as I would like it to...

But as said above its got the other alloy wacked back on there I've added my Alpine headunit, alpine front speakers, 12" JBL Sub and amp to match.

Also I spent this afternoon tinting my headlights...I pretty much followed the guide, however I couldnt fit the headlights in my oven so used the good old way of a heat gun and blade. Also in the guide he does his sliver where as I did mine black. Pictures will be up once there back on my car...

Link for the how to is here... ... st229.html" onclick=";return false;

Also I hate leaving new things in boxes awaiting fitting so I plugged in my gauges this morning, Volts and boost, the boost one will be of use very soon once I get all the parts for my turbo conversion...

So yeah basicly thats is over the next few months my plans are...

Front and rear lip spoiler,

De-spolier the rear,

Full Respray in Gloss Black,

Lowered on Coilovers,

Strut braces everywhere lol,

Type R Seats,

16" 6 Spoke alloys in bronze,

Turbo conversion and that'll about do it I think.

O and I've just bought some Integra Type R calipers so will be running 282mm discs very soon (have to wait till I get some bigger wheels first tho!)

Thoughts welcome.

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