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As promised heres some pics of my car along with a mods list...

My name is Shaun and I live in Hull.

I drive a 2004 Honda Civic Type R lightly modded heres some pics for you all....

Pics arent very good as they were taken with my phone...

Mods so far are...

Dastek Unichip,
ITG Maxogen Air Intake,
Spoon B-Pipe,
Mugen Front Grill,
Mugen Rear spoiler,
Powder Coated OE Wheels With Red Lip,
EBC Grooved Front Discs,
Red Stuff Front Pads,
Red Calipers,
Earthing Kit,
HEKO Racing Wind Deflectors,
30% Tints On 3 Back Windows,
H.I.D Headlight Upgrade,
SilvaTec Indicators All Round,
L.E.D. Side Lights..

I think thats about it..

Thanks for looking,


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Love the look of this car mate, looks like you spent a wee bit of time oh her

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Seriously nice!

Where abouts in Hull??

I'm around bilton area....

used to live near lambwath [pub like...
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