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Hi all, as from my newbie post I have recently acquired this cracking little car and naturally I have a few plans to make it look and drive as best as possible.

Mods will be slowly added (mainly due to getting a house in January so saving like crazy for it) but I wanted to start a little thread just so people could see the progress from when I first bought the car to how it will look when finished!

So lets get things started by putting up pics of the day I picked her up:

As you can see she is 100% standard, absolutely everything on the car is as it was when she left the factory. Exterior wise, pretty straight except for usual parking dings and a couple of scratches, front and rear bumper have seen better days but on the whole the paint is in good condition, albeit filthy and full of contaminants. Interior is MINT and I mean MINT - all except for a little 2 inch gash on the drivers side boulster (damn keys!).

Above is the powerplant - B16A2 which you are all probably very familiar with - unmolested and ripe for subtle changes and again absolutely filthy.

So - what do I want to do? Nothing major, just subtle changes to the outside and dress up the inside, performance tweaks here and there just to make it sound and go and more importantly handle like I want it to. I have made a rough list of jobs I want to do here:

Alloys, suspension, engine dressup, front lip spoiler, rear lip spoiler, full exhaust system, induction system, engine bracing, strut bracing, brake upgrades, inlet manifold replacement, colour code bump strips, add some subtle side skirts, EK9 grille.

This list will most likely change at some point but for now that is what I want.

First change that I have made so far are the wheels. I LOVE Volk racing TE37's, but I do not love the associated price tag. So I spoke to my friend at toxicrides and he sold me a set of 16" Rota Grids in white. 16" I felt would be the best compromise between handling and looks, just big enough to fill the arches when lowered and just small enough not to jeopardise handling characteristics.

After fitting them, I removed the standard sun screen from the sunroof and gave the car a good wash, deswirl, polish and wax (clay will come later and a good machine polish too) and then took some pics:

I think she is already starting to look the part!

I then put in a Pioneer CD/MP3 player and a ballistic audio subwoofer just to complete the sound package - though this will be addressed in more detail later. This brings the stereo components to: uprated front door speakers, uprated tweeters, 6x9's in a stealth shelf along with uprated std rears for more mid and treble and the sub with a nice chunky amp. Sound quality is amazing - just needs more work on cable routing and sound deadening to keep the noise in the cabin.

Watch this space for more mods as and when they happen!
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