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Hi everyone. Fort id just tell you my little story about last night!
Decided to go to Purley Way cruise near Croydon last night and im glad i did! After about an hour 3 civics came in 1 being a 1.4
other being a standard 1.6 but lowerd carbon bonnet full exhaust system with manifold alloys lowered and induction kit but nothing special but looked the part. It raced up the strip and everyone just watched in amazement! it was a rocket! i started talking to him and asked him what he runs e.c.t and at santa pod it runs 15 flat. Which is fuking quick considering my mate runs 14.5 in a fiat coupe 2.0 20v turbo and i went in the coupe and it blew my mind. Whilst i was talking to him i heard another civic coming up rather quick and saw it was a ek9 spoon lookalike. This was on another level! this just pissed over most things lol. He raced all the 2.0 turbos there including my mates 2.0 turbo coupe (250bhp) and p1ssed all over it. All my mates were saying it was a 2.0 spoon engine so i decided to go over and ask him and it was 1.8 vtec lump out of a integra ( B18CR JDM DC2). It was a fuking rocket! All standard except the look and stripped out inside. This has made me want to do this conversion once i have saved up enough to afford the engine in my 1.5lsi :) Anyways end of story just thought id let you people out there know how really fast it is and trust me its QUICK!!!
Other cars the 1.8 ek9 civic beat:
Mr2 2.0 turbo
Celica 2.0 turbo
Coupe 2.0 turbo ( mates car running 250bhp 18psi boost )
Leon with supercharge ( i dont no what liter it was )
Cant remember off the top of my head what else but loaddss others!

Thanks for reading please comment! :)
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