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Here is another Smart ForTwo modified by Lorinser which happens to be the smallest car they have ever tuned. The tiny Smart ForTwo has received a lot of performance modifications and a new attractive design.

They installed a new lowered front bumper that has a massive opening to bring more air for the car’s engine. The new body kit makes the car look bigger and sportier by adding a sporting mask of the cooler. This Smart is wider with 55m and that’s a bit unusual for a car like this one. It has lovely extended fenders that match the body design perfectly.

The car looks bigger now especially because they installed wide fenders in the rear part of the car that are connected with the new rear bumper. The car received a sport exhaust tip and all openings from the rear part are covered with an interesting aluminum color.

The engine was modified to develop 104 HP and the car could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 10 seconds and reach an incredible speed of 180 km/h. Keep in mind the car weights only 800 kg.

They also installed 6-spoke 17? aluminum rims that are equipped with Continental tires. In the car’s interior they inserted sporting materials as carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome and if you add to that sporting gauges and a great audio system with GPS and LCD monitor you have a fine modified car from Lorinser.

Source: CarZi


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