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Since we're on a bit of a modification-themed week here - old boxes transformed into a Fiat 500, a Hummer transformed into something even more socially unacceptable and a Gallardo transformed into a machine of certain death - here's one to top the lot.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Fiereventon. The donor car in this ambitious operation is the modifiers' favourite, the Pontiac Fiero - transformed, with the help of a couple of hundred square metres of sheet metal and an angle grinder, into a quite impressive take on Lamborghini's wild Reventon.

Fiereventon is our name, actually - the builder of the car, one 'Woody' from Canada, calls it the Woodighini. He bought the Fiero for just $60, fitted it with a twin-turboed GM V8 and got to work with the set square and scalpel.

It's a fine effort - and, we ought to point out, it'll get better. That hole in the bonnet won't stay, and we'd imagine it'll even get windows and a screen at some point. OK, we'd still opt for a full-fat, million-Euro Reventon if someone else was paying, but still...

Mr Woody, we salute you.


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