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well ive had the car for some time now but aint really modded it up yet, im a uni student and with only a part time job im broke most of the time lol

well the things that i have done to the car is:
-dechromed it
- debadged the rear
- a £2 exhaust tip on :p dnt wory its only temp lmao

ive got some damage on the rear bumper due to some stupid driving but ill let the pics do the talking :)

ive got the vti-s front and rear lip, going to get the sideskirts, spoiler and fogs tomorrow....costing me a bloody fortune becuase they the original peices! but i geuss its worth every penny spent :p


soo all i need to do nw is:
fit teh kit on
buy some coilovers n gget the car dropped
some nice lookin 17" black rims wiv a chrome lip
n get a blowover paint job (cant afford to get a full respray :p)
change the sidelights to smoked instead of orange
change the number plate surround with the one from the MA (looks kind of bettter becuase its flushed in)
and walah! i have a nyc loookin car :p

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Re: finally got pics of my MB2 up!

yesterday i just picked up some new parts for my car and im quite happy
- i got the original vti-s side skirts
- an arm rest centre console thingy
- the vti-s spoiler
- a pair of fog lights for the car :)
just need to buy my coilovers and some alloys and my car should be finished!

i got a problem with the fog lights though, one of the lenses have come off one of the fogs, the front glass bit....anyone know how to replace it? or what i can use to make it look a little better?


well the car aint changed much due to 'lack of funds' lol
but hopefully end of july should have everything done...i think....well heres how it is now and what i want it to look like...

any coommments will be helpful :)



hi everyone....its been a long time since i posted on here and since then ive finished my car :) well jsut the looks of basiclly it started out as a standard mb2 but now ive put the vti-s kit on etc etc.....let me know what you think :)

got some foglights in

got a spoiler fitted

sprayed the interior dash trim black

fitted in a set of half leathers from a vti

got a set of alloys....for only £15! :D

clayed the car and my mates golf

the vti-s kit which i just sanded down

lowered the car

got my kit sprayed :)

alloys refurbed and changed to white

alloys and tyres fitted

sideskirts fitted

front lip fitted

back lip fitted

car taken home for a wash and wax

finally finished! lol thanks for looking :cool:


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