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right when i turn car off and remove keys my heater fans still work and light up ect sometimes the lights dimm any reason why this is ? or where i could start to look for the problem

also every so oftem my stereo turns off and wont turn on again for about 10-20mins?? its connected up correctly as ive fitted loads and plus this has been working for ages but since my problem with my fans its started!

the car has also had the air con rad removed and the pipe work but the compressor unit is still on with belt and connection ect and some i get a whining noise from engine bay right at the air con unit so im thinking its maybe bearings are knackered inside it?? would this be cuase my fan and stereo issues??

also can i just cutt off the air con belt and this will stop the whinning from the air con unit yes?

thanks in advance!
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