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Well i've finally found enough energy to post a quick write up so here goes.........deep breath :shock:

Sunday afternoon saw me, Richy and Cheese arrive nice and early as some socialising was the order of the day, and the beers were flowing before the car was even off the trailer.
The rest of the evening followed suit with a few visits to the local pub aswell as a nice posh B&B for a spot of afternoon dining :cool:

Monday qualifying went really well with around 8 out of the 15 laps I managed to complete being pretty clear of traffic. The little Civic seemed to handle as well as ever and the extra power from the new motor made all the difference, especially coming out of the hairpin. My last flying lap was slightly hindered by fuel surge coming out of the hairpin but still saw me posting a 55.6sec which put me in 6th position on the grid.
What really made me anxious was that the DC2 qualified 7th and the DC5 8th with only 0.6sec between the 3 of us :shock:

Race 1 and I had a pretty good start which saw me pull 3 or 5 car lengths on the DC2 of Jamesn and not far off the pace of the laggy RX7. Unfortunately my hot headed determination saw a repeat of Silverstone where the cold rear tyres decided they werent going to help me get around the corner :-x A huge 360 spin put me across the track and put one wheel in the kitty litter while stalling the engine :oops: By the time I restarted the car and crawled out the gravel I was down to around 25th place with most of the cars alredy on the other side of the circuit. With this in mind, I decided to grab the civic by the scruff of the neck and throw it around the circuit with no regard to my own safety or that of the armco :lol:
This attitude saw me close down the field one by one (sometimes 2 by 3) and crawl my way back up the order with some pretty brave driving by my usual soft standards. I did start to back off until I caught sight of the DC5 in the distance and decided to hunt him down :twisted: . After 3 more laps I could see him only one corner ahead and was sure I could pass him on the next lap.......unfortunately as we both came down the start/finish straight, the chequered flag came down with me finishing 0.6sec behind the DC5 and 7th overall. Also I posted the fastest lap in the Honda class with a 54.9 :cool:

Not the start I wanted but it was easily the most fun I have ever had in the Civic :cool:

Race 2 saw me start in 7th with the DC2 in front and the DC5 behind. I made a great start and pushed in front of the DC2 going in to Gerrards where I was a bit more cautious but the DC2 was sat right on my bumper. I kept the power down coming out of Gerrards and down into the esses but on my exit, I noticed the Vtec crossover dissapear and a sudden lack of power. I pulled to the left so the DC2 could pass and coming out of the hairpin I noticed there was still no Vtec. The I noticed the speedo wasnt working and the engine managemt light was on so realised the VSS had reared its ugly head again :roll: So that was Race 2 done and dusted!!!

The gutting part was that last time it was just the wiring plug on the VSS, which was changed for a new one and has been fine since May. This time though its the actual speed sensor that has died so it WILL be changed :oops:

The Civic is exactly how I want it to be so handling wise it wont be changed for the next round. There is still a few jobs to be done with regards more power but my times yesterday proved its no slouch.

So there you have it, not the best result but still a good weekend and a great bit of racing which is what its all about.

Was great to have a huge bunch of Honda-Evs members there and appreciate all the support you gave, i'm just sorry I didnt do a little better for you all :-x

As always, I cant thank Richy enough (Performance-Autoworks) for the support on the day and for getting the Civic to the standard it is now with regards to power and handling.

Roll on Cadwell in 2 weeks :cool:

Cheers for reading :wink:

Pics courtesy of friends and Honda-evs forum members


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good pics, not so good to hear that your 2nd run was over so quickly, but good come back in the first race
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