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Hello Folks, Need Help >>>> ⚠⚠⚠

I am using the UK Made 2018 Civic SR Hatchback in Sri Lanka, the maintenance minder in my car was showing remaining milage till the second service and the service center people have reset the oil life via Launch x431 scanner when they did the service. and now the car is showing oil life as remaining days and there is no option to revert it back to show it in remaining milage. service guys again try to change it to milage via the same scanner but even the scanner does not have an option to change it to milage. is there anyone who faced a similar issue? or anyone can help me to fix that issue?

I have seen some cars have the service minder in days or percentage or milage, is it something to do with the region?

Another issue --- When I turn off the auto-idle stop it used to show "Auto Idle Stop" or "Auto idle Start", but now the message only shows just "Stop" or "Start"
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