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Ok I have been reading your posts regarding this problem and though you may be able to help me.

I have taken the carpet up so side kick panels have been taken off and I have cleared as much water (11 shami leather full)
as possible, I have taken out the little plastic plug from under the carpet have cleaned this up and put it back in with a water proof sealant.

Now I have tested the Rear windscreen washer pipe for leaks and nothing.
Have run the Air con on hot and cold and left for 30 mins, still dry.
Have sat in car while my brother hoses the entire car for 10 min still dry
I have poured a bucket of water down the front drains (under front screen) still dry
I found and took off the air con drain pipe and as far as I can tell it’s not blocked.

Boot is perfectly dry as is the passenger back floor; Drivers side is also totally dry.

Now what on earth can be causing this leaking as it’s a large amount of water and has happened a few times now.

Please Please help me guys. :cry:
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