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Hi all,I'm new to the Forum and feel bad as I need some advice already.
I have recently bought a 2014 Civic 1.6 Dti Sr 5 dr hatch with 62k miles.
I love the car,however when the car is cold and I pull away in first there is a serious judder.I thought it was perhaps a suspension rubber or joint worn out.
The local garage put it on the "shake ramp" and said all was good.They loosened and retightened a few items but the judder is still there.Only from cold and when you pull off.
It then does not do it again until the next morning.
I have read about clutch judder problems and I dont know if my car has a Dual mass flywheel,and if that could be the problem,or if its a clutch plate issue.

I have just spoken to Mick at CG motorsport about the possibility of solid flywheel conversion.A really nice Guy and so helpful and knows his stuff..

Any advice would be very gratefully received,or if anyone has similar issues..


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