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so i have a mb6 with a standard b18c4 bar induction kit & full stainless inc d-cat. a friend at work has a import 96 itr and has fitted cams, intake, throttle body and hondata ecu. he said i can have the itr parts FREE so what i want to know is the swap as simple as i think i read the ecu will go straight on just fileing the plug (is this correct & what benifits)will imob cause probs
the cams also should just drop in ? (what benifits)
now where my main consern is is the manifold & throttle body as this is my first dealing with the b18 im lost with this swap (if even poss) as thay work and look different is this even worth doing
should i buy any thing to go with them
as much info as poss please cheers
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