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Hello guys,
I am a new member here and am considering to buy (for my girlfriend as her first car) this Civic EP2, which as far as I understand is called 1.6 Sport also…
But that front bumper is what makes me nervous. I have searched all over the internet and can’t find another EP2 with this package and a front bumper like this. It seems to be a EP2 facelift (It is produced in 2003) 3-door hatch with EU2 prefacelift bumper and front lights??? I am afraid this car could be repaired after damage or something!

The cars VIN is: SHHEP24703U101498

Can someone please give me an opinion on this? Because otherwise it seems as a very good car! Has very low mileage and interior is in great condition.

Sorry for my eastern european english and thanks in advance!
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