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Hi all,
I've got a D16A9 engine from a 1990 civic. It is curently being persuaded into my 1989 mini shell. (mad I know) I have had some special driveshafts made (mini outer CV and honda inner) the problem I have is the Spider joints on my inner Cv joints that house the 3 Rolelr bearings have 32 splines (must be none standard), but apparently where I got the driveshafts from have said they should be 30 splines on the D series engines.

Basically they have made them for 30 spline and I need to get hold of a pair of these as the driveshafts just spin freely on the 32 splines I have.. What I wondered was two things... Where can I get them from second hand cheap. Anyone recommend anywhere. Or anyone got a pair they no longer require or want to swap for 32 spine ones? Also does anyone know of somewhere new to buy them cheap.

Secondly will the roller bearings I have fit onto the spider or will I need new rolelrs also??


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