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This article explains the correct way to reset your ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Step 1
Go for a quick drive for about 10 minutes to bring your car up to the normal operating temperature. Turn your engine and ignition off.

Step 2
Locate your fusebox. If you are standing at the front of your car facing your windshield, this should be at the top right hand side of your engine bay.

Step 3
On the top of your fusebox, there should be a diagram. Find the little box that says "ECU" in it, lift the cover and remove that fuse.

Step 4
After 10 (whole) minutes, replace the fuse.

Step 5
Start your engine. Do not touch the accelerator pedal or anything else, and leave your car idling for a furthur 10 (whole) minutes.

Step 6
Turn your engine off. Wait around 2 minutes, then turn it back on again. This saves the new ECU settings.

Your have now reset your ECU. I Have added a little troubleshooter below, but just post here if you have any questions.

Q: I can't find my ECU fuse
A: In this case, do not just pull out any old fuse. Instead disconnect your battery at Step 3, and re-connect it at Step 4.

Hope this helps!
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